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What type of travel insurance cover do you need?

Single Trip - To cover you for a single trip.

Annual Multi Trip - To cover you for multiple trips throughout a 365 day period. The maximum days which you can be away for per trip will be shown with each Annual quote and detailed in the policy summary.

Single Trip Single Trip
Annual Trip Annual Trip

Where are you travelling to?

Europe - Continent of Europe west of the Ural mountains including the Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man, Channel Islands and all countries bordering the Mediterranean sea, as well as Madeira, the Canaries, the Azores, Turkey, Malta and Cyprus.

Worldwide Including USA, Canada and Caribbean - Anywhere in the world.

Worldwide Excluding USA, Canada and Caribbean - Anywhere in the world excluding USA, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

France France
Spain Spain

Select which countries you are travelling to

Select which countries you are travelling to

When would you like your cover to start?

Single Trip - The day you leave your home in the UK to start your holiday. Cancellation cover (if included in the policy you choose) will come into effect as soon as payment has been made.
Annual Multi Trip - The day you want your cover to start from. Cancellation cover will come into effect at 00.00 hrs on the policy start date.

Today - 20/03 Today 20/03
Tomorrow - 21/03 Tomorrow 21/03
21/03 - 22/03 Thursday 22/03
Other Other

When would you like your cover to end?

7 days nights return
10 days nights return
14 days nights return
Other Other

Does your trip include?

You must declare if you are taking part in Winter sports or going on a Cruise. Failing to do so could invalidate your policy.

Winter sports cover extends your policy to cover you for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.
Cruise cover will return quotes for policies that include cover for emergency medical costs whilst on a cruise ship. 

Winter Sports Winter Sports
Cruise Cover Cruise Cover

Who would you like the insurance to cover?

A couple is two individuals living at the same address. A family is up to 2 adults with one to five children. A group is 2 or more people travelling together.

A Family - A single parent or two parents travelling together with their child or children (under 18 years) for whom they are the legal guardians and who all reside together.

An individual An individual
A couple A couple
A family A family
A group A group

How many people are traveling?


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Policies are only available to UK residents (which excludes the Channel Islands) who are registered with a UK doctor, purchased prior to departing the UK and are healthy and fit enough to undertake their planned trip. Insurers may not provide insurance to those travelling to a country where the Foreign and Commonwealth Office have advised against travel